Domestic Flooring Supply & Install

CMUK offer a large range of quality wood flooring options including: timber, reclaimed timber, woodblock, engineered timber, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and laminate flooring.

CMUK wood flooring also comes in a range of colours, styles and finishes. If you want your home to have a timeless real-wood floors then timber, woodblock or engineered wood flooring are perfect wood flooring choices and can handle high traffic levels within the home.

For a truly unique floor, why not choose reclaimed timber flooring? Reclaimed timber flooring recycles existing flooring preventing the need for further trees to be cut down, whilst also reducing the amount of landfill we create and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new timber flooring.  So it’s a massive ‘win-win’ situation for the environment!

We work with local suppliers to access ex-Mill, School Sports Halls, Church and even Post Office floors! In a range of beautiful hard and soft woods including pine, pitch pine, maple, mahogany and oak you can achieve a more ‘rustic’ natural look and the best bit, reclaimed timber is cheaper to supply and install than other wood types! Plus, if you are looking to replace damaged boards and blocks in your floor space, it is more beneficial to match the flooring with reclaimed than installing new material. Our installation reclaimed timber flooring includes a sand and seal service, as this is recommended for reclaimed floors.

Bursting with benefits, cheaper to install and easy to clean, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and laminate flooring are great choices for busy homes looking for a worry-free floor. Both options deliver the sought-after natural look with all the practicalities and advantages of modern flooring.

The team at CMUK believe our attention to detail and superior supply of beautiful wood options is the reason why customers choose us for their domestic flooring needs. We also provide post-installation expert advice on how to clean, maintain and prolong the life of your new flooring.

Are you looking to achieve a superior finish without replacing your existing floors? At CMUK, we offer specialist floor restoration services. Find out more here. 

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